Temporary Exhibitions

Temporaty exhibitions:

Included in the Royal Route:

'The Noble Robe Belts from the Collection of the Royal Castle in Warsaw'
'The Treaty of Riga – the Retrieved Heritage'

Additionally payable:

'Rembrandt’s World. Artists. Burghers. Explorers'
regular 20 PLN*,  reduced 12 PLN*,  kids 7–16 years old – 1 PLN

'Polish Elites and the Collapse of the Republic. The 230th Anniversary of the Adoption ot the Constitution of 3 May 1791"
regular 10 PLN*,  reduced 6 PLN*,  kids 7–16 years old – 1 PLN

The Princes' Gallery, The Senators' Chamber and The Matejko Rooms – unavailable on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday