Titian at The Royal Castle


Titian at The Royal Castle
Portrait of a man (Tommaso Mosti)

Open since September 12th through October 30th 2011
The Royal Castle

Portrait of a man (Tommaso Mosti)
Artist               Tizian
Year                c.1520
Type                Oil on canvas
Dimensions 85 cm x 67 cm (33 in x 26 in)
Location          Galleria Palatina, Florence (Italy)


Portrait of a man (Tommaso Mosti) was executed around 1520 by famous, Venetian artist Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) 1490-1576. The figure has not been identify with certainty but is traditionally identified as Tommaso Mosti, member of family connected with the Este family of Ferrara.

In the reverse is an inscription which says “Di Thomaso Mosti in eta di anni XXV l’anno MDXXVI Thitiano de Cadore pittore” (Tommaso Mosti in the age of 25, 1526 Titian from Cadore, painter).

The painting portrays a three-quarters view of a male figure set against a dark background. He appears to be looking at the spectator. He is dressed in a wide lynx - fur, a black beret and a white shirt, in the fashion of the period. The man’s left hand in a leather glove, an accessory used by most refined gentleman of the time laid on a small golden- edge book.

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