The King’s Extraordinary Gift. An Exhibition of Dishes from the Sultan's Service from Polish Collections

The King’s Extraordinary Gift

An Exhibition of Dishes from the Sultan's Service from Polish Collections

May 28thOctober 31st, 2020

The Hall of the Crown's Horse Guards

The Sultan’s service is the most famous work of the Royal Faience Manufacture at the Belvedere, founded by Stanislaw August and operating in the years 1770– 1780.

This unique service, made in 1776, was sent by the King as a gift to Abdul Hamid I, the Turkish Sultan. A gold inscription in Turkish was painted on the dishes, which means: The King of Lechites sends these presents and gifts to the Ottoman Padishah to show his love and sincere kindness. In the capital city of Warsaw. Stanislaw August used the second set of dishes, without the dedication, in the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

This luxury table service received a sophisticated painting decoration in the Imari style, modelled strictly on the original Far Eastern porcelain from 1720-1730, an example of which is shown at the exhibition. Apart from the dedication, the dishes are decorated with stylised chrysanthemums, butterflies and birds, and the centre of plates and platters with a vase with flowers. The oval platters are framed by relief lizard forms and the vase handles are in the form of tritons.

Out of 280 dishes recorded in the Belvedere Manufacture, 160 went to the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. About 80 pieces have survived to this day, including those belonging to Stanislaw August, 18 of which are in Poland.

The presentation of the set of dishes from the Sultan’s service at the Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum is a unique historical event, organised for the first time in Poland.

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