Sacrum Poloniae Iubileum 966 – 2016

Sacrum Poloniae Iubileum 966 – 2016

June 23rdAugust 7th, 2016

The Two–Phillared Room

For the Royal Castle in Warsaw the preparation of this exhibition was a must, although for sure it should look quite different. We wish it could show the entirety of the objects preserved in state and church institutions that date back to the Christianization of Poland in order to create a collection of relics, a colourful and suggestive, albeit incomplete, mosaic reflecting the experience of Mieszko I’s baptism in 966. The significance of that event should not be underestimated: all of us profit today form what happened 1050 years ago. Our identity has been largely shaped by the christening of Poland in the West Rite that was decided by Mieszko I.

The Royal Castle used to serve as the Polish kings’ residence, then as the seat of the First Republic of Poland’s authorities, and still nowadays it symbolizes the continuity and sovereignty of Poland. Therefore we wanted to express our deep conviction that the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s christening is a momentous event. Our exhibition may not be as impressive as it should be to match the splendour of the occasion; yet, we hope it will touch and delight the visitors. The Gniezno Doors, several magnificent medieval manuscripts and outstanding works of artistic craftsmanship are supposed to provoke the reflection about the events that marked our history and this publication is meant to deepen it further. As all the visitors coming to Poland for the World Youth Day will have the opportunity to see this display, we believe that both the exhibition itself and the present publication will enhance their experience.

Przemysław Mrozowski
Acting Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum

Curators of the exhibition:

Przemysław Mrozowski, Ph.D and Przemysław Deles, Dr

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Mon – Sat: 10 a.m.6 p.m. (Thu – until 8p.m.)

Sun: 11 a.m.6 p.m.

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